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i don’t even know how it started but for some reason i’ve developed this… routine for myself where i take my medication just before feeding my fish spock ‘cause then it’s like we’re both getting our respective “pellets” (otherwise i tend to forget!)

anyway it works really well but occasionally i get the pellets mixed up and do things like drop zoloft in his fish bowl

well today it was the other way around

i was about to swallow spock’s food pellets when i realized, “oh, these aren’t mine, they’re his”

"……..also they’re made of dried worms"


  1. czaaritsa said: you are my fave blogger
  2. gadsfasdfgasdf said: omg ariel
  3. captainchinhands said: im sure adding dry worms to your diet won’t hurt you in anyway I’ve never heard anyone saying you shouldn’t eat dry worms
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