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image clawbag replied to your post: what about joanna huh huh - would you, ariel?

Oh my god, imagine trying to seriously reprimand a child you purposefully named after someone you thought and talked about as much as you do Joanna. Or, even worse, explaining the reason you chose it. That’s, like, Albus Severus-level awkward.

oh my god RIGHT, YOU GET ME

like even if i did like that name for a baby i will never be able to name a kid ‘joanna’ when i’ve masturbated to the thought of her being doubly penetrated by kirk and spock

  1. cumberdoom said: my mom actually named me after her favorite tv character and i never thought this was weird until i got into fandom myself and now ????
  2. captainchinhands said: omg you get me I used to love a girl’s name and then I was into this girl who had that name and it was like no I can’t do this to my child
  3. andromedalogic said: wait ok i gotta rethink jadzia then
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